Planning Issues

From: “Steve Atkinson”
Date: 16 June 2010 15:33:22 GMT+01:00
To: Rob Richley
Subject: FW: Planning policy for energy-saving measures in conservation areas

Dear Rob

Thank you for your e-mail and for clarifying what was intended in your original correspondence. I fully agree with the intentions that you are seeking and will do all we can to encourage residents and businesses to reduce their carbon footprint by installing measures such as double-glazing, photovoltaic arrays and solar thermal panels in both Conservation Areas and SSSIs, although I’m not too sure that we get many applications within SSSIs. However, in making any planning decision we need to take account of planning policy and other material considerations.

With regard to the first I will pass a copy of this e-mail to the Planning Policy Manager in order that he can take it into account in drafting the local Development Framework. Other material considerations will include the architectural and historic interest of conservation areas and the impact of say a solar thermal panels will have to assessed against the impact on the buildings character.

Whilst it would not be appropriate to institute a policy of presumed consent for energy-saving and micro-generation measures I can certainly ensure that this is taken up the priority levels and what might be useful would be to instigate some training for planning officers. In addition you might know that by 2016 all new houses were intended to be carbon neutral, although we need to watch out for changes with the new Government.

I hope that helps a bit.

Best regards,


Steve Atkinson
Group Manager Development

Direct 01278 435246
Sedgemoor District Council