Theale Eco House

The plans that were unveiled helped local residents understand how the house will improve the brownfield site on the edge of the village and have a very positive environmental impact by being carbon neutral and enabling a new orchard and wildflower meadow and new ponds to be created.

Trev Hunt said after the event:-

“I am very pleased that so many people took the trouble to come and see the plans for themselves. I hope it was clear that the new plans have changed as a result of earlier comments and we now have a design which adds to the landscape.”

John Hewitt, the Architect of the eco-house, remarked:-

“I was heartened by the positive feedback about the proposal and with comments like ‘nicely blends into the area’ and ‘a great use of existing land’.  I am reassured that we have struck the right balance between innovation and respect of the local surroundings.”

The application has now been submitted to the Sedgemoor District Council planning department and a decision is expected by the end of May.

We will publicise the Application Number as soon as it is received from Sedgemoor so people who feel they are able to support the project can write in to say so.