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Wedmore has a rich farming, vegetable and fruit growing heritage. Green Wedmore runs projects for people keen to learn food production, growing and cooking skills so we can all reduce the food miles and the negative effect that non-organic mass production farming does to our environment. 


Plan Bee

Plan Bee: help your local bees Honey bees and other types of bees are suffering a sharp drop in numbers, with serious consequences for the natural environment and our food crops.

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Wedmore Garden Share

Wedmore Garden Share Green Wedmore launched this project in 2011. 

Think of it as a blind date for gardens! We would like to hear both from people who have some spare space, maybe a pre-existing plot or a patch of land and also from people who would like to have a go at growing their own produce.

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Fruit Trees for all

 You can have your own fruit year after year, enjoy seeing your own tree grow and develop, and have the satisfaction of reducing food miles to food feet.

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Is it local cook book

The group has produced a local cook book with many recipes written by local people and shops. 

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