Helping to move Wedmore towards a zero carbon future by local, inclusive, achievable projects that concentrate of how our food is grown, where it comes from and how it is packaged


The 'Close to Home Cookbook' 

Supported by our Parish Council, we are planning a village community cookbook.Cookbook-Cover-Jpeg-format-(1).jpeg

The cookbook will focus us all on supporting our local food producers, our food shops, our pubs and restaurants and promoting food from our vegetable gardens, hedgerows and allotments.The thrust of recipes will be to encourage us to take full advantage of our marvellous local circumstances to create lovely dishes made with produce with low carbon, as near to zero food miles as is possible.
With a view to maximum village participation the plan is to ask Wedmore's clubs, associations, schools, food shops, pubs, and restaurants to propose recipes. 'The First School Falafels', 'The Parish Council Porkers', 'The Bell Ringers Borscht', 'The Paper Shop Pasta Surprise' 'The Guides Giblets', 'The Community Bus Cauliflower Cheese'  ....... you get the idea.

Autumn Fair

Based on previously successful village produce markets and 'apple days' a village wide day to celebrate and showcase our local food

Liaison with the local schools

Once circumstances allow we will re-start an active engagement with the local schools to promote low carbon, local, healthy food and other green issues

Plan Bee

Plan Bee: help your local bees Honey bees and other types of bees are suffering a sharp drop in numbers, with serious consequences for the natural environment and our food crops.

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Fruit Trees for all

 You can have your own fruit year after year, enjoy seeing your own tree grow and develop, and have the satisfaction of reducing food miles to food feet.

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Is it local cook book

The group has produced a local cook book with many recipes written by local people and shops. 

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