Grow Wedmore

Plan Bee

Plan Bee: help your local bees Honey bees and other types of bees are suffering a sharp drop in numbers, with serious consequences for the natural environment and our food crops.

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Ash Dieback and Wedmore

There are so many ash trees on the Isle of Wedmore and if the worst predictions come true then it will be much like the 1970’s and the Dutch Elm Disease saga.

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Green Wedmore Carbon Challenge

I believe there is no escaping the simple fact that humans (especially in the rich countries of the West) are emitting far too much CO2 for the planet to cope with without a rapidly escalating temperature rise occurring. To me ‘doing my bit’ means doing a lot more than just recycling glass bottles and having a few low energy lightbulbs. We all need to make a conscious effort to reduce the amount of CO2 we emit by reducing our ‘carbon footprint’. The Stern report, published in October 2006, gave us 10 years to make that difference to reduce the worst effects of the changing climate. The clock is ticking for us to all make that change.

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Wedmore Garden Share

Wedmore Garden Share Green Wedmore launched this project in 2011. 

Think of it as a blind date for gardens! We would like to hear both from people who have some spare space, maybe a pre-existing plot or a patch of land and also from people who would like to have a go at growing their own produce.

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Fruit Trees for all

 You can have your own fruit year after year, enjoy seeing your own tree grow and develop, and have the satisfaction of reducing food miles to food feet.

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Community Woodlands

We are working to create a series of small community woodlands around the village. In the winter of 2007-08 we planted our first wood just east of Wedmore. It’s named Terry’s Community Wood in memory of Terry Ager who owned the field with Susanne and always wanted to plant a woodland there. In March 2011 we planted our second, Gooseham Community Orchard which adjoins the first wood.

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