Vanessa Becker-Hughes


I know personally that many members of Green Wedmore do a significant amount behind the scenes to reduce the environmental impact of our lives, and in the village that we live. To these people I say thank you.

No time is as critical as right now – so please feel welcome to join us, to make a real difference in our parish. There are two words that I think are important to me with regards to this aim, to ACT and keep it LOCAL so let these words guide us.

May you always feel welcome to join us in our meetings or to help with some of our projects, so that we can together, achieve as much as possible. Since the launch of our Zero Carbon Wedmore project in 2019 we have restructured our group to operate through 6 sub-groups, so there are plenty of opportunities to get involved in areas where you have experience or interest, but of course neither is necessary or more important than to have the offer of a willing pair of hands.

I have had an interesting working career and hope that my journey so far allows me to contribute in a way that offers experience from many sectors.