As a group we are keen to encourage as much recycling as possible based on the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle mantra. We run regular freecycle days and often lobby for better recycling collections.


Wedmore Garden Share

Wedmore Garden Share Green Wedmore launched this project in 2011. 

Think of it as a blind date for gardens! We would like to hear both from people who have some spare space, maybe a pre-existing plot or a patch of land and also from people who would like to have a go at growing their own produce.

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This not only preserves scarce resources it also uses much less energy then creating things from the raw materials. Here is a summary of what can currently be recycled in the area.

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Don’t despair – repair!

Have you ever wanted to repair something but not known how to do it?

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Wedmore Plastic Bag Free – Freecycle/Campaign

We have been working since our first campaign in 2008, to make Wedmore a plastic bag free village.
Members of Green Wedmore visited shops in Wedmore to find out if local traders would be willing to stop giving out free plastic shopping bags. The response was very positive and we made a lot of progress in making Wedmore plastic bag free. The group are encouraging local shoppers to remember to take a bag when they shop in Wedmore.

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